Achieving trust and transparency as a Google Measurement Partner

07/19 By Rossmary Gil

IAS brand safety measurement of YouTube in beta

At a time of unprecedented change across the digital ecosystem, IAS is proud to be named as a  Google Measurement Partner. At IAS we are committed to a single mission. We aim to bring transparency to the digital ecosystem in order to help our partners protect their digital investments and grow their brands online. We are pleased to know that Google shares that goal. Accurate measurement of digital impressions is the foundation of that mission and we’re glad to know that Google shares that commitment.

Google Measurement Partner program

The program brings together a group of new and existing partners, recognized as leaders in the measurement space. Collectively, the 23 inaugural partners represent some of the best the measurement industry has to offer.  IAS is recognized for both viewability and brand safety, while other partners have been rigorously vetted for excellence in measuring reach, brand lift, sales lift, app attribution, and marketing mix modeling. Collectively, Measurement Partners offer the best third-party solutions for bringing trust and transparency to the digital ecosystem, a goal that IAS is pleased to share with Google and with our peers in the measurement space.

We believe that it’s up to you to choose what’s right,” said Payam Shodjai, product management director for Google Marketing Platform, in a keynote introducing Google Measurement Partners. Like Google, IAS believes that it’s essential for marketers to have a choice in the measurement solutions they use to drive their business forward and protect their digital investments. After a rigorous vetting process that aimed to establish best-in-class standards across the measurement space, and to identify those partners best able to meet the increasingly exacting standards of top-tier digital advertisers, we’re pleased to be among those choices. We look forward to continuing to work with Google, as well as with industry bodies and our measurement industry peers to move digital forward.

IAS and Google, partners in YouTube brand safety

Being named as a trusted Measurement Partner is the latest step in IAS’s ongoing collaboration with Google in the area of brand safety.  Our partnership on this important issue dates back to 2017 when our teams began working together to bring independent third-party brand safety reporting to YouTube. Today, more than 90 advertisers have been invited to participate in a closed beta test for brand safety protection across both auction and reserve.

Participants in the beta are able to monitor their campaigns across five brand safety categories, including critical areas like offensive language and violence that have made headlines in recent months. Using the insights gained from IAS reporting, these advertisers have been able to customize their Brand Suitability settings on YouTube to meet the unique needs of their brands.

To learn more about the solutions that make IAS a Google Measurement Partner in viewability and brand safety on YouTube click here to download the one-sheet.

To hear more about brand safety and learn more about the YouTube brand safety beta underway, click here to RSVP for our upcoming brand safety webinar.