Cheers to 10 years of verification

07/22 By IAS Team

Ten years ago, brands were only just beginning to embrace the digital age and shift their advertising dollars to reflect that focus. With this change came a new set of challenges that brands and publishers weren’t expecting: brand risk, viewability, and ad fraud, among other issues.

As advertisers expanded their reach into the unknown digital territory, marketers found that their brand was unintentionally and unknowingly being exposed to risky placements, and IAS stepped in to provide a solution. We built the first verification technology for brands that supported and enhanced the effectiveness of online ad-buying decisions. From the very beginning, IAS chose to lead with a business model that placed equal importance on improving customers’ return on investment with their ad impressions and keeping their creative safe from risky content. And today, we offer the industry’s first Publisher Optimization tool to help our publisher partners maximize their ad revenue.

IAS has grown tremendously, and we would like to say thank you to our clients and partners for their continued trust and partnership over the years. With 22 offices around the world, we continue to uphold a truly global presence for an increasingly global digital age. IAS has brought trust and transparency to the digital advertising industry for over a decade, and we’re excited to bring that momentum into the next ten years.

To celebrate, we created a timeline with interesting moments in the tech industry alongside key milestones since our inception. Take a walk down memory lane with us, from our first media quality benchmarks to our CTV solution and beyond!

Thanks again to all of our valued clients and partners!